How Does PIP and Medpay Coverage Work In Nevada?

The state of Nevada requires all registered drivers to purchase minimum car insurance. This is because the state operates under a “fault” car accident system, in which the at-fault driver is responsible for compensating all damages caused by the accident. In Nevada, drivers must meet the following minimum insurance requirements resulting from its fault-based status:

  • $20,000 to cover property damage in at-fault accidents
  • $25,000 or $50,000 to cover injury or death in at-fault accidents
  • $25,000 or $50,000 to cover uninsured/underinsured motorist incidents (not at-fault)

Outside of this minimum insurance, Nevada does not require additional coverage like personal injury protection (PIP). Typically, only states that operate under no-fault law require additional insurance like PIP, because both parties involved in accidents assume responsibility for their own injuries. However, this is not to say that PIP is not be beneficial to possess even in fault-based states.

What Does PIP Cover?

Personal injury protection covers personal damages up to a certain percentage. The percentage of loss that PIP covers depends on the policy that you choose. Personal damages reimbursed under PIP must qualify as one of the following:

  • Medical Bills – PIP covers all forms of medical examination, treatment, and surgery, including vision and dental. It also covers materials required to continue treatment, like medication and medical supplies.
  • Lost Wages – Some accidents require individuals to call out of work while they recover. PIP can reimburse lost wages up to a certain percentage in these cases.
  • Funeral Expenses – In the case of death, PIP can cover some of the expenses associated with funeral services. Speak to a Las Vegas wrongful death attorney if you believe someone may be liable for your loved one’s death.
  • Substitute Services – If an injured driver is debilitated to the point of not being able to address basic household tasks, PIP might cover substitute services that help complete these chores.

Personal injury protection does not cover pain and suffering in the way that a personal injury claim might – it does not address emotional distress, or pain caused by the accident. States that require PIP limit the number of personal injury cases that circulate the court system by requiring PIP to cover all damages up to a specified limit. Before this limit is met, car accident lawsuits must not be filed. In the state of Nevada, however, this is not the case. PIP simply adds to an individual’s insurance coverage rather than dictating it.

How Much Will It Cost?

Additional insurance options like PIP and medical expenses payment (Medpay) depend on several factors, just like traditional insurance does. Typically, Medpay adds between $3 and $20 to your base insurance rate. PIP is slightly more expensive, costing between $5 and $50 each month. The actual rate depends on your driving history and the insurance company from which you are buying the additional protection.

PIP v. Bodily Injury Liability

By law, all registered drivers must possess bodily injury liability even in no-fault states that require PIP. Bodily injury liability is coverage that applies to the other driver when the court rules you as the at-fault party. As the at-fault driver, you cannot tap into your own liability insurance, even if your basic medical insurance does not cover your own damages. In these cases where your insurance does not cover your own damages, PIP steps in and provides medical benefits. PIP also supplements existing medical coverage if your medical bills exceed the cap in this preexisting coverage.

PIP is not mandatory in Nevada, but it is beneficial to consider it as a form of supplemental insurance. PIP offers protection to all passengers involved in an accident. Moreover, because it is not mandatory in the state, you don’t have to worry about purchasing a minimum amount. PIP provides coverage no matter your fault status, making it a useful tool when you find yourself in a pinch. Contact our Las Vegas personal injury lawyers to learn more about filing a possible case.