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$485 Million

Jury Verdict (Foster Care/Sexual Assault)

$153 Million

Jury Verdict (Settled For Confidential Amount)

$100 Million

Foster Care / Sexual Assault

$100 Million

Foster Care / Sexual Assault

$52 Million

Jury Verdict (Product Defect Wrongful Death)

$46.9 Million

Jury Verdict (Medical Malpractice Brain Injury)


Over $1.5 Billion in Verdicts & Settlements


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Permanent Injuries

When the brain sustains a traumatic injury, it can permanently change the victim's life...

Motor Vehicle

If you have been seriously injured as a motor vehicle collision our car accident lawyers can help...

Unsafe Property

Premises liability cases deal with injuries and wrongful deaths that result from a hazardous condition on someone else's property...

Medical Malpractice

When healthcare providers shirk their duties and you suffer harm, you could have grounds for a medical malpractice claim…

Defective Products

Unsafe products cause countless injuries each year. When they do, victims can file a product liability claim…

Workers' Compensation

Nevada’s non-fault workers’ compensation programs helps injured workers with wage loss benefits and medical care….

Claggett & Sykes: Las Vegas Trial Lawyers

Nevada injury lawyers who get results when you suffer injuries
from another’s negligence

Being injured because of someone’s negligence is stressful enough. Picking the right lawyer can create more stress. But it doesn’t have to. Choosing a law firm with a proven track record, the resources to handle any size case, and a team that focuses on you and actually listens to you makes all the difference. Claggett & Sykes is that law firm in Las Vegas.

We're known across the country as a go-to trial law firm, and most of our business comes from other lawyers - we're The Lawyers' Lawyers. We step in on difficult cases and large cases where insurance companies simply refuse to pay. Our results on those cases speak for themselves. Plus, our lawyers have taught trial strategies and techniques to thousands of other lawyers across the country, and we will use that knowledge and experience to get results on your case.

Our customer service is second to none. You will meet with a lawyer when signing up with us and you will have a team working on your case at every step of the way. We also pride ourselves on providing constant and consistent communications, so you don’t have to wonder what is happening on your case.

Just read what some of our past clients say about us.

We prepare every case as if it’s going to trial. We use our state-of-the-art courtroom to conduct multiple focus groups on each case so there are no surprises at trial, and we know how to win your case. While most cases settle well before they reach a jury, it’s important to find a lawyer who is willing and able to go to trial. It makes a difference in settlement value. Remember: most lawyers settle their cases and will never go to trial – and insurance companies keep track of those lawyers. But insurance companies also know who the Las Vegas trial lawyers are. The way we prepare cases is shown in the results we’ve gotten for our clients, and we encourage you to compare those results with other law firms in Las Vegas.

Getting your life back when your injury is life-altering

There are certain types of injuries that change people’s lives forever. Brain injuries, spinal cord damage, wrongful deaths – these are the types of injury claims that Claggett & Sykes take, because we’re the Las Vegas injury firm that can. We can’t bring a loved one back, but we can get justice and we can get closure for individuals and families who are suffering. What we can do – what we actually do – is provide a way forward for our clients, and offer them some hope for their future. It is, without the doubt, the thing that matters most to us, because it’s what matters most to them.

We’ve got the resources, the skills, the experience, and the ability to take on catastrophic personal injury claims that other firms can’t. If you or a family member suffered permanent or fatal injuries, it’s time to call our Las Vegas trial lawyers for help.

Traumatic brain injuries 

The CDC reports approximately 61,000 TBI-related deaths each year in the United States. TBIs occur when a person suffers a blow, jolt, or penetrating injury to the head.

Wrongful death

When a loved one loses their life because of someone else’s negligence, you may be eligible to file a wrongful death action to recover damages. These can include burial and funeral costs, medical expenses, and other losses.

Spinal cord injuries

Injuries to the spine and spinal cord can result in partial loss of mobility to full paralysis. Any damage to the spine that affects or severs the cord or vertebrae is considered a spinal injury.

Limb loss

This occurs when an injury is so severe it results in an immediate loss of limb or requires a surgical amputation to save the person’s life. These account for 45% of all amputations.

Burn injuries

Over 400,000 burn injuries occur each year, and the vast majority of these are preventable. People can experience burns from heat, flame, chemicals, radiation exposure, or electrical contact.

Nursing home abuse

All elderly individuals in nursing homes have the right to a safe, sanitary, and comfortable place to live. When a home or facility fails to provide the proper standard of care and your loved one suffers harm, you may be able to take action.

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I Will Forever be a Fan
I will forever be a fan... they have exceptional customer service, true empathy, and their primary focus is to help you. If you are looking for ethical, caring, responsible and someone who is looking out only for you, this is the firm.

Karen B.

Their Communication was Excellent
I would definitely recommend this law firm to anyone. They handled my case fast, their communication was excellent, and they delivered admirable results.

Jason M.

It was a Pleasure Working with Them.
After my daughter's accident I contacted Claggett & Sykes to represent her. They made it very easy and took care of all the details, from dealing with the auto insurance and health insurance, and making sure all bills were paid. It was a pleasure working with them.

Kris E.

Holding careless drivers accountable for motor vehicle accidents

Here in Las Vegas – just like in the rest of the country – drivers have a duty to drive safe. This means obeying local traffic laws, staying sober behind the wheel, and keeping their vehicles properly insured. If you’ve driven on Las Vegas roads, you know that doesn’t always happen. The Las Vegas trial lawyers of Claggett & Sykes are ready to help if you’ve been hurt in an accident on Las Vegas roadways. The collision cases we handle include:

Truck accidents. A collision with a commercial truck is almost always devastating for the passenger car involved. Trucking companies also typically have an army of insurance companies and attorneys on their side.

Car accidents. Nevada saw 314 car crash fatalities in 2020, up 3.3% from 2019. The main causes? Speeding and impairment. People also suffer injury in distracted driving crashes, as well as rideshare accidents.

Motorcycle accidents. Bike wrecks tend to be catastrophic due to lack of rider protection. Passenger car drivers must take extra care when sharing the road with motorcyclists, and should be held accountable when their carelessness causes harm.

Pedestrian accidents. Over 6,200 pedestrians died in car crashes in 2019. They’re also more likely than car occupants to die in a car accident, especially in an alcohol-related crash. About one-quarter of these incidents are hit-and-runs.

Bicycle accidents. The NHTSA reports 846 bicyclists were killed in traffic accidents in 2019. Cyclists can experience life-threatening and serious injuries in a collision, as they are typically thrown from their bikes onto the hood of a vehicle or into the road. Motorists must pay cyclists the same duty of care they pay everyone else.

Making a claim when you’re injured on unsafe property

Out of the 26.4 million ER visits related to injuries each year, 8.6 million – a full third of them – are related to falls. And when that fall is caused by a negligent property owner then you have the right to seek compensation.

When a property owner doesn’t take the right precautions to keep their premises safe and you suffer injury, you have the right to take action. Dangerous premises claims can encompass a wide variety of accidents and injuries, including slip and falls, assaults, and more. The Las Vegas injury attorneys at Claggett & Sykes work to show that a property owner failed in their responsibility to keep you, and other visitors, safe.

Let’s talk about casino injuries for a minute

Tourists from all around the world visit Vegas for the exciting casinos and other attractions. However, our team also sees a lot of injuries and accidents stemming from the negligent actions of these establishments. Common casino and tourism accidents include slip and falls, shuttle bus crashes, assaults, and burn injuries. Whether you are visiting a hotel or casino or work for the establishment, we want to hear from you.


Notable Verdicts & Settlements
$16,400,000: Premises Liability

(Jury verdict/settled for confidential amount)

Compassionate care for Las Vegas victims of medical negligence

A medical professional commits malpractice when their negligent actions, or lack of action, cause a patient injury. Medical malpractice is preventable. The results can be life-altering. It is not uncommon to see brain injuries, paralysis, and birth injuries as a result of medical malpractice.

The laws in Nevada for medical malpractice cases are stacked against the patient. Many lawyers won’t take medical malpractice cases. We believe that the only way to get unsafe medical providers to act in a safe manner, and to make our community safer, is through verdicts. Verdicts that tell the medical provider there is a consequence for providing sub-standard care. Verdicts that ensure injured persons receive the proper care for the rest of their life when they have suffered a permanent brain injury, birth injury, or paralysis. Verdicts that ensure family members receive compensation for the loss of support of the deceased or injured person who was supporting the family. Our attorneys understand the devastation medical malpractice can cause, especially in cases where a misdiagnosed condition progresses past the point of viable treatment.

That is why Claggett & Sykes takes on the most serious medical malpractice and birth injury claims – the types of claims where the medical costs alone will be millions of dollars. If you were permanently injured or disabled by a negligent medical professional, call us. If your loved one died because of a negligent medical professional, call us. If your baby suffered irreversible harm, call us. We can discuss your options with you.

Don’t let manufacturers get away with producing dangerous or defective products

Ever notice how when one big company puts out a new product, all the other companies suddenly do, too? Or how many of those drug commercials all seem to have a list of side effects that are almost as bad (if not worse) than the condition they’re supposed to be curing? There’s a reason for that, and that reason is profit. National and global manufacturers only care about their bottom line, not the people they’re trying to sell to. And when they start taking short cuts in design, in production, in focus groups and clinical trials, it’s the customers who get hurt.

At Claggett & Sykes, we’ve made it our mission to stop companies from pushing out defective products just to make a quick buck. One of the best ways to do that is to hold their feet to the fire when those products hurt someone, because it can force those same companies to change how they do business. Our Las Vegas trial lawyers have handled some of the most complex product liability claims in the country, and our work has helped make the world a safe place because of it. From defective drugs and medical devices, to faulty children’s products, to dangerous household appliances to automotive defects, there’s nothing we can’t handle.

In the news

Claggett & Sykes Wins Record $485 Million Verdict Against Acadia Healthcare

Claggett & Sykes trial team secured a $485M verdict against Acadia Healthcare, Inc., for its involvement in placing children in a foster care home with a known child predator. We believe this is the largest single-plaintiff sexual abuse verdict ever. We invite you to learn more about the case here.

Fortress Gun Safe Recall

Claggett & Sykes Law Firm filed a lawsuit on behalf of a family whose son died after he was able to access his parents’ gun because of a defective Fortress safe. The Consumer Product Safety Commission cited this lawsuit in its recent recall notice. We invite you to learn more here.

Claggett & Sykes is proud to be a State Bar of Nevada Partner in Diversity

The State Bar of Nevada recognizes the commitment that law firms and legal organizations have made to incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives in their practices. The State Bar of Nevada has identified a variety of initiatives that qualify for the medallion. Qualification is earned annually. To earn the 2023 Partner in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion medallion, firms must attest to having completed at least 5 initiatives.

We invite you to learn more about this partnership here, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Injured on the job? We can help with workers’ compensation

If you get hurt in the course of your job duties anywhere in Nevada, and you are an employee (not a contractor or other non-employee worker), you can file for workers’ compensation. It’s a no-fault program designed to help injured workers while they get back up on their feet. Workers’ compensation pays out a weekly wage benefit as well as disability benefits – but only if you file the right paperwork at the right time, see the right doctors, and have a law-abiding boss.

In other words, there’s a lot to do to file a successful claim. There are very strict deadlines, too, for filing, and claims get denied pretty often. Claggett & Sykes can help you file that claim, and we can help you if your claim is delayed or denied. Whether you’re hurt on a construction site, in an Amazon warehouse, on a casino floor, or in any job, give us a call.

Need a personal injury lawyer in Reno? We can help

To better serve you, Claggett & Sykes maintains an office in Reno. Our personal injury attorneys represent clients in cases involving:

Why choose Claggett & Sykes?

A lot of law firms claim that they’re different, or that the way they do things is better. The truth is, though, that Claggett & Sykes has created a new model for trial strategy, and that model is one of the many things that separates us from the rest of the pack.

It’s about a team effort. Every attorney at our firm brings a specific set of strengths to the table, and we know the best way to help clients is to utilize all of them. That’s why every client works with multiple attorneys on their cases, plus case managers, paralegals, and other team members. It allows us to look at your case from a variety of angles and craft a case that works best for your needs.

It’s about real courtroom experience. We are true trial lawyers who go to verdict multiple times every year. Sean Claggett was named the Trial Lawyer of the Year for Nevada, the highest honor a trial attorney can achieve in the state, and he teaches trial skills to lawyers across the country. We were one of the first law firms in Las Vegas to have a court room in our office. It’s not just for show, either. We use it to practice our trial skills and to conduct multiple focus groups for every case we take so that every attorney on your team is ready and able to represent you in front of a jury. It means you’ll be prepared and confident in the courtroom, too.

It’s about guidance. The types of cases we handle are some of the toughest in the state, and some of the most complex to litigate. While we have decades of experience with complex lawsuits, we understand that you probably do not – and that trying to navigate a lawsuit while you’re still injured, or while caring for your loved ones, can be overwhelming. At Claggett & Sykes, we guide you through every part of the process, from accident reports to depositions to trial preparation, and more.

It’s about doing the right thing. Two communities, one firm: that’s our guiding principle. Through our trial work, appellate work, and consulting services, we’ve attained, or helped attain, over $1.5 billion in verdicts and settlements. Our community, the people we share our home with, have listened to our clients’ stories and recognized their suffering, and they are the ones who said enough was enough. On the very best days, the work we do changes not only our clients’ lives but all of our lives, because it makes the world a safer place. It’s the reason we take these complex cases on contingency, and don’t charge upfront fees. If we don’t win your case, we don’t get paid. It’s the right thing to do.

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At Claggett & Sykes Law Firm, we put your needs first, each and every time. Our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys work to secure compensation when you or a loved one suffer harm due to another’s negligence. Let us put our experience to work for you. Call (702) 333-7777 or fill out our contact form to talk to a member of our team.