EDC Las Vegas Injuries: Who Is Liable?

If you experienced an injury at Las Vegas’ Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), one of the first questions you may ask is who is liable for your injuries? After all, you may have medical bills to pay, missed work, or experienced some other financial hit as a result of the injury. If you can find the party liable for your injuries, you may receive compensation for your expenses.

What Is Electric Daisy Carnival?

For those who may arrive at this guide due to research of an injury at some other festival, it is important to describe the EDC. EDC is an electronic music festival held each year at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Spanning three nights, the primary draw is the music stages, which operate from dusk to dawn. However, EDC encompasses a much broader range of experiences than most electronic music festivals.

Visitors to EDC are encouraged to experience the festival by walking, touching, doing, and immersing themselves in the variety of experiences. The festival also hosts a carnival, a series of immersive and interactive LED art displays, pyrotechnic displays, as well as a variety of wandering and stage-bound performers such as aerialists and stilt walkers. Unlike a more traditional concert setting, the opportunities for injury abound at EDC.

Types of Injuries at EDC

The array of injuries possible at EDC are numerous.

  • Burns, impact injuries, and other damages from pyrotechnic displays
  • Burns and smoke inhalation from larger-scale fires
  • Slips and falls anywhere on the property due to spilled substances, electric cords, or dangerous terrain
  • Injury from an interactive art display, including slips and falls and injuries from display collapse
  • Severe dehydration, impacted by the EDC’s lack of response or poor decision-making skills after you report dehydration
  • Crushing injuries from dance areas
  • Injuries resulting from an assault on the premises
  • Sexual assault on the premises
  • Motor vehicle or pedestrian accidents on the premises, including those related to DUI and exhaustion
  • Other alcohol and drug-related injuries, such as overdose

Conditions at EDC are favorable for accidents. The festival takes place overnight, leading to exhaustion of many of the workers and patrons, and dark conditions make accidents like slips and falls more likely. The amount of LED lights and pyrotechnics on display can lead to confusion and disorientation, and the potential for drugs and alcohol consumed on-site increases the danger.

You can stay safe by following some safety tips:

  • Monitoring your alcohol consumption
  • Drinking plenty of water and recognizing the signs of dehydration
  • Formulating a plan with friends in case of separation or another incident – never walk alone
  • Avoiding confrontation
  • Leaving crowded dance areas
  • Following festival rules

Who Is Liable?

Liability depends on the nature of the incident as well as whether it was reasonably preventable by some party. Failure to provide a safe atmosphere for guests can rest on the event’s organizers or specific vendors in the case of trips and falls, collapse of exhibits, or pyrotechnic issues. Hazardous terrain injuries are more likely to land on Las Vegas Motor Speedway, while issues specific to certain shows within the scope of the festival such as pyrotechnic and crowding issues could result in liability for the promoters and the act on stage.

If you experience injury, and then improper care or denial of care on-site exacerbates your injuries, staff and promoters could accept liability. If you are a victim of assault, sexual assault, or a car accident on premises, the third party is usually liable; however, if some member of the staff failed to intervene, staff and the event promoters could accept liability. If you have any questions regarding the legal process in Nevada, contact a local Las Vegas injury lawyer to get help as soon as you can.

Can You Receive Compensation?

If you receive injuries at EDC, you may receive compensation for several types of damages.

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma

Report injuries to event staff immediately and remove yourself from areas of danger. Speak with a personal injury attorney regarding your best steps to move forward.