Can You File an Insurance Claim Without a Police Report?

After a car accident, it can be in your best interest to request a police report. Calling 911 from the scene of the accident is the easiest way to get one. An official police report can fully document your crash for insurance companies later. It can record key facts and evidence while they are still fresh, such as photographs of the accident and statements from eyewitnesses. Even without a police report, however, you can still file an insurance claim in Nevada and receive compensation for your damages.

Do I Need to File a Police Report in Nevada?

Each state has different rules for if and when someone must report a car accident to the police. In Nevada, notifying the police is only mandatory if someone suffered an injury. You do not need to call 911 if your car accident caused only property damage. You will, however, need to file a report with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) within 10 days if the crash caused more than $750 in property damages, as well as injuries or deaths.

You may still file an insurance claim without a police report if the nature of the accident did not require police reporting. An insurance company will not ask to see a police report if the crash did not cause personal injuries and no one called the police. Simply tell the insurance claims adjuster that state law did not require you to call 911 or report your accident to the DMV. Even if you should have reported your crash to the police, an insurance company may still offer you compensation for your damages. It may be more difficult, however, to prove your case.

How Can a Police Report Help Me?

A police report can serve as a key piece of evidence during an auto accident insurance claim. The insurance company can use a police report to verify your version of events, as well as for proof that the accident occurred. Without a police report, the insurance company could accuse you of insurance fraud or try to blame you for a crash you did not cause. Having a report available, on the other hand, can support your story and help you negotiate for fair financial recovery.

When in doubt, call the police from the scene of a car accident in Las Vegas. Dialing 911 could protect your rights and make the insurance claims process easier. A police report can serve as evidence. Even if you do not have a police report, you may be able to prove your claim in other ways. If you took photographs or videos at the scene of the accident, for example, the insurance company may wish to see them. The insurance company may also ask to record a statement from you as one of the involved drivers. Be careful before giving this statement.

Should I Give a Recorded Statement?

A recorded statement is something the insurance company could use against you. If you agree to give a statement shortly after the crash, you may not fully understand why or how the accident occurred. If investigators discover something later that contradicts your initial statement, the insurance company could use this as evidence against you. Instead of agreeing to record a statement, explain that you will wait until you know more or have spoken to an attorney. A recorded statement from another driver could serve as evidence in your case.

Most insurance companies will process and accept claims that do not have police reports. It may simply take longer for an insurance company to process the case. The insurer may need to investigate the accident, interview witnesses, collect video footage and take other steps to retrieve information. It will need to verify facts such as the accident’s date, time and location. Lack of a police report could also lead to a smaller settlement amount since the insurance company knows you do not have a police officer’s report or testimony to support your side of the case. For these reasons, it is typically wise for crash survivors to call the police in Nevada.

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