How Much Is My Car Accident Injury Claim Worth?

Your life might never be the same after a devastating car accident. Serious injuries could leave you with permanent impairments and significant psychological distress. While filing an injury claim will not take back what happened to you, it could help you move forward. Winning an award from the party that caused your car accident could give you closure and compensation. Find out what your case could be worth with help from an attorney.

Who Is At Fault?

You will only have grounds to bring a car accident claim if someone else caused your accident or injury. If you are the sole responsible party for the collision, you might not have a claim unless you have collision or comprehensive car insurance coverage. Someone else must be at fault for the accident for you to bring a claim with that party’s insurance company. Nevada’s fault laws require you or your lawyer to prove the defendant’s liability before receiving compensation.

  • A driver
  • The driver’s employer
  • A company, such as Uber or Lyft
  • A vehicle manufacturer
  • A part manufacturer
  • A property owner
  • The city or state government

If you contributed to your accident but another party bears partial fault, you could still be eligible for some compensation. Nevada is a comparative negligence state, meaning a victim may still receive an award after being somewhat at fault for the crash. As long as you were less than 51% at fault for the collision, you could remain eligible for compensation. Do not assume you have lost the right to file without first talking to a Las Vegas car accident lawyer.

What Damages Did You Suffer?

Once you establish another person’s fault for your injuries, estimate an accurate award to match your economic and noneconomic damages. Your lawyer can help you gauge the value of your case before proceeding with settlement negotiations. Start by making a list of all compensable damages you suffered in the auto accident.

  • Personal injuries: The money you spend on medical care, including hospital stays, procedures, specialists, x-rays, medications, medical devices and live-in care.
  • Disability costs: If the car accident gave you or a loved one a disability, such as a spinal cord injury or brain damage, you could request the equivalent in associated lifetime costs. These may include future medical expenses and home or vehicle modifications.
  • Property damage: The expenses it will take to repair or rebuild your damaged vehicle, or its full pre-crash value if the accident totaled your car.
  • Lost income: The wages you missed because you had to stay home during injury recovery. If the crash gave you a long-term disability, this can also include lost future earning capacity.
  • Pain and suffering: Some damages do not have an economic value, yet impact you all the same. These include physical pain, emotional distress, grief, loss of consortium, lost quality of living and psychological anguish.

With an attorney’s assistance, you can demand an amount of compensation that suits your unique losses and needs. You may also be eligible for an additional punitive damage award if the at-fault driver is guilty of gross negligence, wanton misconduct or criminal activity. A punitive award is something a judge may order to punish the defendant and/or provide more compensation for a victim’s significant losses.

Speak to an Attorney to Evaluate Your Case

In general, serious auto accidents in Nevada will yield greater compensatory awards than minor ones. Severe and catastrophic crashes involve more expensive medical bills, longer recovery times and all-around more damages. Many other factors, however, could also impact the value of your injury claim, including your age, income, education level and comparative fault for the accident. The best way to get an accurate evaluation of your case is by asking a Las Vegas personal injury attorney. Contact Claggett & Sykes Law Firm for a free car accident consultation today.