Sean Claggett Gets Honorable Mentions From Court Room Network

Claggett & Sykes Law Firm’s own Sean Claggett has been named to two best of the best lists by Court Room View Network (CVN). First, Sean was named one of the decade’s best trial lawyers on CVN’s Who We’re Watching list. CVN says that after more than a decade of capturing trials for its streaming network, the lawyers on this list are its best of the best of the decade and are the lawyers that other lawyers should watch if they’re looking to improve their craft. Claggett & Sykes Law Firm has appeared in CVN’s headlines a handful of times. One trial against a Home Owners Association awarded the plaintiff with punitive damages for a teenager’s brain injury. Another trial slapped a truck manufacturer and a local towing company with a $3.38 Million verdict. Lastly, jurors awarded Claggett & Sykes Law Firm’s client with more than $16 Million, after falling and suffering a brain injury at a Lowe’s store. You can learn more about the trials here.

Sean was also given an honorable mention for Most Impressive Trials of 2019. He was mentioned for his work in a medical malpractice case where his client suffered a brain injury. Sean asked for $63 million during closing arguments and the case settled before the jury returned a verdict. The trial involved allegations of a hospital failing to have proper policies and procedures in place act as a patient coded during a routine outpatient pacemaker replacement.

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