6 Things to Do After a Slip, Trip and Fall Accident

A slip, trip and fall accident can occur when you least expect it – such as while you are working or shopping at your local grocery store. Fall accidents often occur due to negligence, such as a property owner ignoring a known slip and fall hazard. In this scenario, you may be able to collect compensation through a premises liability claim. Protect your right to file by taking the right actions after a bad fall in Las Vegas.

1. Stay Still and Check for Injuries

Put your personal safety first. Try not to make any sudden movements after you fall, such as jumping back on your feet right away. This could exacerbate an injury – something that can be especially dangerous if you hurt your back or spine. Instead, take a moment to check for any sharp pains, aching or other sensations. If you notice pain in your back or tingling in your arms and legs, stay where you are until paramedics arrive. You might have a serious back injury.

2. Tell Someone about Your Slip, Trip and Fall Accident

If someone was with you when you fell, have that person report your fall accident to the authorities for you. Tell a supervisor or manager if you fell down at a business, your employer if you fell at work, or the property owner if you fell on private property. Be sure to report the fall accident to someone before you leave the premises. Reporting the accident can put it down on official record, documenting that it occurred and that you told someone. Without an accident report, you will not have as strong of a case. Ask for a copy of the accident report before you leave the premises.

3. Take Photographs and Gather Evidence

Another step to take before you leave is to gather any evidence available at the scene of the slip and fall accident. Take pictures with your cellphone or a camera, if possible, of the dangerous property element that made you fall, such as a puddle of water or exposed cord. Take photographs of yourself and any injuries, as well. If your clothes are wet from falling in a puddle, take photographs documenting this.

Write down a description of your slip and fall accident, including key facts such as the date, time and location. Write down who you spoke to at the store or business. Include the names of anyone who saw you fall, along with their contact information. They could serve as eyewitnesses for your claim later. If you fell in a location with video surveillance, such as a parking lot, ask for a copy of the footage. Gathering information about your accident can help you build a stronger claim.

4. See a Doctor

Always go to a doctor’s office or hospital after a slip, trip and fall accident in Las Vegas. Going to the hospital can diagnose an injury and put you on the road to a full recovery. It can also show an insurance company that you did what you could to mitigate your losses, rather than exacerbating your injuries by not seeing a doctor. Ask for copies of your accident-related medical records, x-rays, test results, paperwork and bills for future use.

5. File a Insurance Claim

Once you have tended to your medical needs, call the correct insurance company to file your injury claim. After a fall accident in Nevada, the owner of the property will most likely be responsible for paying damages. This could be an individual, business or the government, depending on where your accident took place. Call the property owner’s insurance provider to report your accident. Then, before you go any further with your claim, contact a Las Vegas slip and fall accident attorney for advice.

6. Contact a Slip, Trip and Fall Accident Attorney

A lawyer can help you file a premises liability claim before the state’s two-year deadline. Your lawyer can also take over the insurance claims process, identify the correct responsible parties and negotiate with an insurance claims adjuster on your behalf. An attorney can help you understand what to do and what not to do after a fall accident in Las Vegas.