Claggett & Sykes Earns Spot on CVN’s “Top 10 Most Impressive Plaintiff Verdicts”

Claggett & Sykes Earns Spot on CVN’s “Top 10 Most Impressive Plaintiff Verdicts”Congratulations to our own Geordan Logan and Sean Claggett, whose 2022 case Roybal v. Louis Bellomo & SHAC LLC made Courtroom View Network’s (CVN) list of their Top 10 Most Impressive Plaintiff Verdicts. We’d like to take a moment to thank CVN and talk a bit about this case.

CVN is a news organization “dedicated solely to gavel-to-gavel video coverage of civil trials, and in 2022 that coverage ranged widely from national bellwether product liability trials to ‘everyday’ negligence trials. What they all have in common are some of the top trial attorneys in the country.”

They note that the verdicts making their list were not chosen merely for their large jury awards, but also for the lawyers and parties involved in the litigation, as well as the challenges and details that made these cases stand out in 2022.

About Roybal v. Louis Bellomo & SHAC LLC

This case, tried in Las Vegas in May 2022, ended with a $14 million verdict in favor of the plaintiff, Thunder Roybal, who was struck by an SUV while riding his bicycle in 2016. Roybal required four surgeries after the crash, for crush injuries to his shoulder, neck, and chest. Per CVN, “The defense argued Roybal’s supposedly unsafe behavior caused the accident, that not all his surgeries were directly related to injuries sustained in the crash and suggested he may have staged the accident.”

Through four years of litigation, the defense made no offers to the plaintiff to settle, until halfway through the trial, when they offered $500,000. Per CVN, “the verdict breaks down to roughly $2.13 million in past medical expenses, $3 million for past pain and suffering and $9 million for future pain and suffering.”

This jury award surpassed – by two million dollars – the $12 million pre-trial focus groups and data analysis had predicted. Attorney Sean Claggett noted that, at the end of the day, the facts were this: “All the evidence pointed to the simple fact that the defendant was an inpatient angry driver who ran over a bicyclist. It was that simple.”

You can watch the entire trial at Courtroom View Network. Thanks again, CVN!

Las Vegas injury attorneys who will fight for you

We’re proud of Attorneys Logan and Claggett and their determined and successful pursuit of justice. We hope this case serves as hope for anyone out there who feels their case might be “unwinnable.” Our legal team fought four years for our client after he suffered life-threatening injuries – injuries that will affect him for the rest of his life. We fought for his rights when the defense attempted to damage his reputation and accused him of staging the accident that put him in the hospital for weeks. We saw this trial through successfully because we believe in doing what’s right.

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