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Burn injuries can happen at home, at work, in traffic accidents, and just about anywhere else. From negligent drivers to defective consumer products, it only takes one negligent action to lead to a severe burn injury. If you find yourself with a burn injury that wasn’t your fault, you may have the right to bring a claim against a responsible party.

And, with help from the burn injury lawyers at Claggett & Sykes Law Firm, you can learn your rights and explore your legal opportunities. You can’t change the past, but with our help, you may be able to better shape your future. If you or a loved suffered burns from any type of accident, at work or at home, look to our skilled trial attorneys for aggressive representation. We’ve recovered millions for our injured clients over the years, and we want to do the same for you. Call us today to find out how we can help.

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What are the degrees and types of burns?

Burn injuries can become very serious, very fast. Depending on the severity of your injury, you might be looking at medical care or physical therapy for the rest of your life. This is why it’s important to understand the degree and type of your (or your loved one’s) burn injury. Health care professionals classify burns into four degrees of severity:

  • First-degree burns. These burns affect only the outermost layer of skin (the epidermis). A common example of a first-degree burn is sunburn, where the skin is red and painful, but not blistered. The skin is rarely damaged in the long term, and most injuries heal on their own.
  • Second-degree burns. These burns involve both the epidermis and the layer of skin (dermis) directly underneath. Symptoms include red, swollen, painful, and blistered skin.
  • Third-degree burns. A third-degree burn destroys the epidermis and dermis, and can also enter the subcutaneous tissue. The burn site may appear white, or blackened. Depending on the severity of the burn, the victim may not feel pain as nerve endings may be burned.
  • Fourth-degree burns. Extremely severe, these burns affect every layer of skin, nerve, and muscles. Often, fourth-degree burns lead to permanent disfigurement or death.

Although fires are a common way people experience burns, it’s not the only way. Our Las Vegas burn injury attorneys have represented clients suffering serious injuries from:

  • Friction burns, commonly experienced in motorcycle and bicycle These are like an extremely painful combination of an abrasion and a thermal burn.
  • Cold burns, also known as frostbite. When your skin is in contact with a cold object or cold temperatures for too long, severe damage can result.
  • Thermal burns, which come from touching something hot. This can include scalding liquids, hot metals, steam burns, or flames.
  • Radiation burns, which includes sunburn, cancer treatment, and X-rays.
  • Chemical burns, often caused by corrosive agents like acids, solvents, and other dangerous substances.
  • Electrical burns, typically caused by accidental contact with an electrical current.

As you can see, burn injuries can happen in a wide variety of ways and cause a serious amount of trauma. Our legal team investigates everything about your injury – what happened, who caused it, the severity of your burns, and how long it will take you to recover.

What kinds of accidents cause burn injuries?

Burn injuries don’t just happen at home. People experience burns on the jobsite, in car accidents, and countless other situations. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Defective products. A malfunctioning or defective product can suddenly overheat or catch fire, causing the user severe burn injuries. Defective products can also cause electrical burns.
  • Hotel fires. Almost 4,000 hotel and motel fires happen every year, and in 10 percent of nonconfined fires, there were no smoke alarms present.
  • Motor vehicle crashes. If fuel spills in a car or truck accident, there’s always the risk of fire. In 2018, 560 people lost their lives in vehicle fires.
  • Chemical accidents. Chemical burns can happen on the job when employers fail to take proper safety precautions. However, these can also occur at home with regular household goods like bleach, pool cleaners, or other products.
  • House fires. The leading cause of fire deaths in the United States are residential fires, accounting for 2 percent. Common causes of house fires include cooking, heaters, carelessness, electrical malfunction, and intentional (arson).

Depending on their severity, burn injuries may be considered catastrophic, as they often develop complications or result in permanent disability.

What are the long-term complications of burn injuries?

For many burn patients, the effects last long after the initial injury. Our Las Vegas attorneys ensure you secure compensation that takes into account all of your medical and physical needs for the rest of your life.

Burn injury patients are at risk for infection, scar tissue, and contractures, which is a tightening of skin, tissues, and muscles that can inhibit movement. Patients may also experience respiratory issues from smoke inhalation, as well as chronic pain.

Survivors of serious burn injuries can also suffer from psychological trauma, often post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from the accident. This can manifest in depression, anxiety, and issues with self-esteem due to scarring or disfigurement.

Who is liable for my Las Vegas burn injury?

“Liability” refers to legal responsibility for an incident. Determining who may be liable for your burn injury is a critical component to any injury claim However, answering this question often takes an investigation into your accident. Claggett & Sykes’s team of attorneys can work with you to reconstruct what happened, examine the situation, interview eyewitnesses, and take other steps to get to the bottom of what most likely caused your burn.

Liability depends on who or what caused your injuries and the circumstances of the accident. Possible defendants may include:

  • A driver or another at-fault party. If your burns occurred in a car accident or motorcycle crash, the other driver may be liable for damages. Burns and other crash-related injuries are compensable damages in car accident claims. Other parties may be responsible for your crash as well, such as the City of Las Vegas for a defective roadway condition or malfunctioning traffic light.
  • Your employer. Burns in the workplace would likely be covered by workers’ compensation. Before you file a workers’ compensation claim, talk to one of our attorneys.
  • A product manufacturer, distributor, or supplier. If you experienced a burn injury from a defective product, you may have a product liability claim. The product in question must have a defect – a manufacturing error, design flaw, or lack of warning labels – that made it unreasonably dangerous for use.

Las Vegas burn injury attorneys on your side

Burn injuries can be life-changing. Severe burns, such as third-degree burns, can permanently damage the skin and underlying tissues. Victims may have scarring or disfigurements for the rest of their lives. If another person or entity is responsible for causing your burns, it is worthwhile to speak to an attorney. Possible damages could include medical costs, lost wages, physical pain, emotional suffering, and other losses. To find out more, set up a free initial consultation at our Las Vegas offices. Call our team at 702-333-7777 or fill out our contact form today.