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Most Dangerous Jobs in Las Vegas

Posted on September 12, 2019 in Personal Injury

A workplace injury can occur at any job. Some workplaces, however, are more dangerous than others. As an employee in Las Vegas, you could have a riskier occupation than your peers depending on where you work. Work injury statistics in Nevada from the Bureau of Labor Statistics say that in 2017, 32 people died in statewide on-the-job fatal accidents. A breakdown of these fatalities highlights jobs that may come with a higher risk of serious injuries in Las Vegas than others. After work-related injuries of any kind, employees in Las Vegas may have the right to file workers’ compensation claims.

Protective Services

Two occupations tied for the highest number of workplace fatalities in Nevada in 2017: protective service work and transportation. Protective service work includes police officers, peace officers and security guards. In 2017, seven workers with occupations in this sector lost their lives while on the job. Dozens of others suffered serious injuries that required emergency medical care. The most common cause of protective service worker death in Las Vegas is violence from people or animals. Across all jobs and industries, violence took 25 lives in Nevada in 2017. Proper job training and safety equipment, such as bulletproof vests, can help prevent deaths in this sector.

Transportation Occupations

Workers in transportation have a high risk of getting into traffic accidents that can cause serious injuries or deaths. Transportation incidents were the most common fatal event for wage and salary employees in Nevada in 2017. Transportation took seven lives in Nevada, making it one of the most dangerous jobs in Las Vegas. Transportation industry positions include truck drivers, delivery drivers, taxi drivers, salespeople and other motor vehicle operators in Las Vegas.

Clark County alone reported 107 fatal car accidents in 2018. Twenty-nine of these victims were pedestrians. Fatal car accidents at work are almost always preventable. Distracted, reckless and negligent drivers can cause life-changing motor vehicle collisions. In these cases, the injured party may have grounds for workers’ compensation and/or a personal injury lawsuit in Las Vegas. Contact a Las Vegas truck accident lawyer if you need help with your transportation accident.

Construction Work

Construction is notorious for being one of the most dangerous industries in America. Each year, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reaffirms that construction is the deadliest industry for workers, consistently making up about one-fifth of national worker deaths. In 2017, 971 people lost their lives on the job in construction nationwide. Six construction workers died in Nevada the same year, making it the third most dangerous occupation in the state.

The industry as a whole, however, had the highest number of deaths (five) of any industry in Nevada in 2017. The most common fatal incident in the state’s construction zones was slip/trip and fall (three deaths). Other common reasons construction workers suffer catastrophic and fatal injuries on the job in Las Vegas include electrocutions, struck-by objects and caught-in/between equipment. Obeying OSHA’s safety standards as an employer or employee can help decrease the risk of serious construction site accidents.

Education, Training and Library Jobs

With four related deaths in Nevada in 2017, occupations in education, training and libraries are some of the most dangerous jobs in the state. These occupations include being a teacher, instructional aid, training technician, principal, administrator, social worker, psychologist and counselor. Serious and fatal injuries can occur in these workplaces through acts of violence such as school shootings or criminal assaults. Other causes of death include falls, suicide and car accidents.

Maintenance Occupations

Based on 2017 statewide data, workers that conduct building and grounds maintenance in Las Vegas could also be at a higher risk of serious and fatal workplace accidents. These occupations reported three worker deaths in Nevada in 2017. Worker deaths in this occupation can stem from non-highway vehicle accidents such as lawnmower or tractor rollovers. Other common causes of serious injuries in this industry are falling limbs, falling trees and falls from ladders. After an injury or death in your family from any job in Las Vegas, speak to a lawyer about a potential compensation claim. One or multiple types of claims could end in financial recovery for you and your family.

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