Las Vegas Strip Safety Tips

The Las Vegas Strip sees over 40 million visitors each year. It is a renowned tourist destination with attractions such as casinos, shows and luxurious hotels. If you are one of the many people visiting The Strip this year – or a resident of Las Vegas spending a night on the town – take your safety into your own hands. While drivers often make negligent and careless errors, you may still be able to prevent a pedestrian accident by looking out for your safety. You could also avoid becoming the target of violent crimes with a few precautions.

Top Dangers

The Las Vegas Strip is a four-mile stretch that encompasses most of downtown Las Vegas. Hundreds of restaurants, bars, casinos, clubs and theaters line The Strip, making it one of the busiest pedestrian regions in the country. Prepare to walk safely on The Strip by understanding the most common dangers you could face in this part of town.

  • Drunk drivers
  • Distracted drivers
  • Aggressive drivers
  • Unsafe streets and sidewalks
  • Poorly designed pedestrian paths
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Inebriated people
  • Criminals

From a pedestrian collision to someone stealing your purse or wallet, many different calamities could befall you while on The Strip if you are not careful. It is possible to increase your personal safety, however, when you know what risks to avoid. You can enjoy your stroll down The Strip without compromising your safety with a few general tips.

What Not to Do

While on The Strip, walk in a group, keep to well-lit areas and travel with a responsible sober friend. Keep your belongings someplace safe, such as in a safe in your hotel room or strapped close to your body. Carrying a purse could make you a target for property crimes. Knowing what not to do on the Las Vegas Strip is just as important as knowing what to do. Avoid a few common mistakes to decrease your risk of an incident.

  • Do not jaywalk. Jaywalking is illegal in Las Vegas and can come with a minimum fine of $350 per offense. It is also extremely dangerous as a pedestrian. Look for designated pedestrian passageways, bridges and crosswalks instead.
  • Do not walk while intoxicated. If you feel intoxicated, catch a safe and sober ride home. Do not risk getting a disorderly conduct charge – a common charge tourists face in Las Vegas – or stumbling into the roadway
  • Do not go far from The Strip. While The Strip is public, well-lit and relatively safe, the same may not be true for areas outside of The Strip. Stay within major tourist areas, where the metro police continuously patrol.
  • Do not drive drunk. Never drive or ride a bicycle while intoxicated. Both are crimes that could lead to serious penalties, as well as the possibility of causing a harmful accident. Get around using Uber, Lyft or the monorail instead.
  • Do not purchase from street vendors. Street vendors and people selling things out of coolers generally do not have food licenses. The goods they sell may not adhere to safety codes and could make you sick.
  • Do not overheat. If you plan on walking The Strip during the day, prepare for high temperatures in the summer. Consider taking cabs instead of walking during the summer months, when desert temperatures can easily exceed 100 degrees.

Keep your group as safe as possible by staying alert while walking the Las Vegas Strip. Do not let your guard down or become inebriated enough to potentially pose a risk to yourself or others. Stay vigilant as a pedestrian, always looking both ways and waiting for the Walk signal to cross. If you do not feel safe enough walking, call a cab. Avoid leaving The Strip for darker and more dangerous alleyways. If you get into an accident that causes an injury, contact a Las Vegas accident attorney for counsel.