What Are Backup Truck Accidents?

What Are Backup Truck Accidents?Sharing the roads with tractor trailers can be incredibly intimidating, and for good reason. Their large, rectangular shape means they tower over passenger vehicles, and they never seem to be entirely in control. We have all heard horror stories on the news, of course: semis end up across highway medians or crushing every car in their path. Since there’s no way to entirely avoid driving alongside these behemoth threats, of course it can be frightening.

Fear cannot save your life, but awareness can. While not every accident can be prevented, understanding the specifics of truck-related risks can help you avoid deadly situations. For example, many may not know how often truck accidents are due to trucks simply backing up improperly. If a truck backs up improperly into you or your loved one, what can really happen? And what can you really do about it afterwards?

How do backing/backup truck accidents happen?

Most cars these days are equipped with some sort of technology meant to help with backing up. Whether this is a nice camera with guidelines or simply a beeping radar, these little tools take a lot of the stress out of going in reverse. Trucks and tractor trailers, however, do not have this luxury. Instead of a clear camera or even a rear windshield, drivers must back up a giant, unwieldy trailer that is only connected by a couple points. It makes sense that it’s one of the hardest skills for truck drivers to learn, let alone master, and it also makes sense that it’s actually the most common cause of truck collisions (and damage to trucks themselves).

In the end, it comes down to experience and attention. Trucks work differently than passenger vehicles. They have more blind spots and an entirely different anatomy, and have to be controlled in their own unique way. Because of this, there are specific safety guidelines and practices truckers are expected to follow to back up without incident, and if they are neglected (or simply not known), people can get hurt. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that 90% of backing incidents can be attributed to either drivers not seeing an obstacle, or using improper backing techniques. This is especially terrifying given just how often we may encounter a backing truck, especially here in Las Vegas. Accidents do not have to happen at high speeds to be dangerous, and carry life-long ramifications.

What are the dangers of backup truck accidents?

Backing-up accidents may not be as “showy” as a multi-truck wreck, but they are common and they can be deadly. Given that trucks typically back up in pedestrian-heavy areas, like next to or across a sidewalk or in a loading bay, the risk of a collision with an unprotected worker or passerby is high.

Whether you are in the unlucky car behind a reversing truck or on your own two feet, you could face severe injuries that require expensive and extensive treatments, surgeries, medications, and future accommodations for years to come — if not the rest of your life. Some of these concerns include:

Caring for and recovering from these catastrophic injuries can take weeks, months, years, or even forever, and the bills associated with them add up fast — especially if there are other complications or mitigating circumstances. Remember that sufferers are also usually unable to work for quite some time, if ever again. Lost wages, any necessary car repairs, and all medical bills can put anyone in a serious amount of debt, regardless of whether or not they deserve it.

That’s why, no matter how or where your truck accident happened, you should seek aggressive legal representation as soon as you are able. Medical attention should always come first, but a call to an experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorney should be your next step. Having a professional on your side means having someone on the ground who can advocate for your rights on your behalf while you focus on resting. Not only that, but if your injuries were caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to have every associated bill and lost wage compensated for — on top of pain and suffering. Claggett & Sykes has extensive experience securing compensation for truck accident victims and their families, including a $38,750,000 verdict for a fatal trucking incident, a $3,382,000 verdict for a trucking crash involving a defective parking brake, and multiple seven-figure settlements for truck crashes.

An attorney experienced with backup truck accidents knows how to examine your case and strengthen it with evidence, attention to detail, and legal know-how before presenting it in court. The person responsible will probably have their own attorney to try and help them avoid taking accountability and paying what you are owed, so making sure you are on equal legal ground is an essential part of getting your compensation. Since trucks are often owned by larger entities than a single person, an experienced attorney needs to know how to navigate Nevada law to make sure the right parties are involved in your justice.

But again, you have to take that first step by calling for help. Your case starts as soon as your injuries happen, and only weakens as time goes on without someone to build it. At Claggett & Sykes, our tenacious team of Las Vegas truck accident attorneys are here to answer all your questions, handle the claims process, and serve as your legal liaison while you and your family focus on recovery. No victim should ever have to worry about affording treatment and rest. Call us today at 702-333-7777 or use our contact form for your initial, free consultation.