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Las Vegas Rollover Accident Lawyer

Some types of car accidents are more likely to cause life-threatening injuries than others. One of the worst types of accidents is the rollover, in which a car flips over. A rollover accident can cause crush injuries, spine injuries, brain injuries and other traumatic injuries. Rollovers are often fatal for one or more of the vehicle’s occupants. At Claggett & Sykes Law Firm, our Las Vegas rollover accident lawyers have experience representing survivors and loved ones during these accident claims. We may be able to help you negotiate an insurance claim or lawsuit. Contact us today for a free consultation (702) 333-7777.

Why Choose Our Las Vegas Rollover Accident Lawyers?

  • We are highly experienced. Our Las Vegas car accident attorneys have taken over 150 cases to trial. We have recovered more than $200 million on behalf of past clients.
  • We are an award-winning law firm. In 2017, fellow attorneys at the Nevada Justice Association voted Sean Claggett Trial Lawyer of the Year.
  • We accept most Las Vegas auto accident cases, including rollover accidents, on a contingency fee basis. You won’t pay us unless we win.

When to Hire an Attorney in Las Vegas

If you survived a rollover accident in Las Vegas with only minor injuries and property damages, it may be unnecessary to hire a lawyer for the claims process. You may be able to negotiate with an auto insurance company for fair compensation on your own. If, however, your injuries are more serious than minor, handling your case alone could expose you to an insurance company taking advantage of you. You may need to hire an attorney to make sure an auto insurance provider offers the amount of compensation you need to move forward. Your lawyer can handle negotiations for you to ensure a fair result, even if that means taking your case to trial.

What Causes Rollover Accidents the Most Often?

Rollovers are serious auto accidents that are often preventable. If someone could have avoided your crash but negligently or recklessly failed to do so, that person or party may owe you financial compensation for your losses. The first step in obtaining compensation is identifying the cause of your rollover crash in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • Negligent driver. Negligent, reckless and irresponsible drivers can cause rollover accidents. If you jerked the steering wheel to avoid someone who ran a red light and rolled your car, for example, the reckless driver may be liable for your damages.
  • Auto defect. Vehicle defects such as tire blowouts and dangerously designed SUVs can contribute to rollover accidents. In these cases, the manufacturer of the car or part could be responsible for your losses during a product liability lawsuit.
  • Dangerous road. Roadway defects, such as potholes, could cause tire blowouts and rollover accidents. It is the responsibility of the City of Las Vegas to adequately maintain its roads. Failure to do so could place liability for a wreck with the city government.

Once you know what caused your rollover, you may be able to file a claim to damages against the at-fault party. Most claims start – and end – as car insurance claims. Some, however, will need to advance to the trial stage for fair and full outcomes for plaintiffs. No matter which route your injury claim takes, a rollover accident attorney from Claggett & Sykes Law Firm can help you recover.

Contact a Las Vegas Rollover Accident Lawyer Today

If a rollover accident in Las Vegas gave you or a loved one serious injuries, the law may make you eligible for financial compensation. A successful case could pay for your crash-related property repairs, medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. The at-fault party may also owe you punitive damages for causing a catastrophic rollover accident. Discuss your right to hold someone accountable for your accident with our Las Vegas personal injury lawyers at Claggett & Sykes Law Firm today. We can give you an accurate estimate of what your case might be worth. Call  or contact us online 24/7 for a free initial consultation.