Workers’ Compensation Corner

What happens if you’re involved in a car wreck on the way to a workers’ compensation doctor’s appointment? This occurs more often than one might think. You are driving to a doctor’s appointment or physical therapy appointment for your workers’ compensation claim, and BANG! Someone rear ends your vehicle!

What happens if you have new injuries as a result of the car wreck? What happens if your work-related injuries have worsened because of the wreck?

The Nevada Supreme Court addressed this very issue recently. It held that if the car wreck occurs while the injured worker is traveling to an appointment through the workers’ compensation claim, then any injuries related to to the car wreck will be deemed compensable under the claim. This means that if you have any new injuries as a result of the car wreck, they are covered under your current claim. If your original injuries are aggravated, you’re still covered. Of course, you can also pursue a claim against the at-fault driver and their insurance company in additional to receiving compensation and benefits through the workers’ compensation claim.

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